The project was created by Maya people dedicated to advancing Maya culture and art. The contributors include an Ajq’ij (spiritual guide), artists, writers, and cultural practitioners.


Rosario Tuyuc

Rosario is a Nan Ajq’ij (spiritual guide or timekeeper) knowledgeable about the Maya worldview and counting time. Rosario is a Maya Kaqchikel-Kiche woman, born to a Kaqchikel father and Kiche mother, internally displaced by the armed conflict. She was born in the CPR de la Sierra (Communities of Peoples in Resistance). She has been formed from the community and resistance.
Poetry and Text

Pablo Sigüenza Ramírez

Pablo is a Kaqchikel mestizo poet, author and currently a professor at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) and the Maya Kaqchikel University. He loves the resistance struggles of the Latin American people and the green scenery that shelters them. He studied Agronomy and Anthropology at USAC, and completed postgraduate studies at the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Xochimilco, Mexico. He has published several books including Relatos verdes en escala de gris; Ana es la luna y otros cuentos cotidianos, and Entre la Milpa.
Design, illustrations & layout

Santiago Lucas

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José Flores Chamalé

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José Flores is an artist based out of New York whose heart and spirit remain rooted in his place of birth, Guatemala, the heartland of the Maya. Through his art, Jose revives his indigenous heritage and identity that has long been in a 500-year battle for survival.
Ch’umil Star Design

Aurora Nohemi Chaj Haz

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Aurora Nohemi is a K’iche’ architect graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. She is a composer/performer and self-taught producer of experimental music. She researches and designs Maya Geometry in Maya textiles, exploring sacred geometry and its relationship with rhythm, sound, architecture and design. She also designs ancestral jewelry and tutors indigenous women.

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"The counting of time is the consciousness of our existence in this world."